California queen mattresses are also known as queen XL mattresses. These beds are the same width as a standard queen size mattress with an extra four inches added to the length. If you or your partner is particularly tall, this is the perfect bed. A California queen bed offers a touch of luxury without overwhelming your bedroom with an oversized mattress. Sheets with deep or extra deep pockets will provide a snug fit on a thick mattress. Make your bed as comfortable as possible with the right California queen sheets.

Choosing the right sheet set can be a tricky endeavor. You don't want to just pull the first sheets that you see off the shelf. There are lots of important considerations. First and foremost is comfort. Once the lights are off and you're sinking into your pillowcase, the color and pattern won't matter nearly as much as the feel of your California queen sheets. The clearest indicator of comfort is the thread count. The number indicated in the thread count tells you how many individual threads are woven into any one square inch of fabric. The higher the thread count is, the more comfortable the sheets will be. Sheets with a higher thread count are also thicker.

In addition to thread count, you also need to consider the material that the California Queen sheets are made out of. Cotton is the most common choice, and for good reason. Cotton sheets are smooth and comfortable, yet lightweight and breathable. You won't suffocate under these sheets, but they won't leave you freezing under a gauzy covering. If you prefer a little more warmth at night, you can opt for a heavier material like flannel. Flannel sheets are a wonderful little luxury in the winter months, especially if you live in a cold climate where nights get especially nippy around the holiday season. 

Finally, you want to consider the right color for your bedroom. Many beds already have a color scheme that you'll want to match. If you want to try something new, consider brightening up a neutral like beige with a bright crimson. Crisp white sheets give your room the same pampered touch as a hotel room. White sheets are also easier to keep clean because you can always throw a bit of bleach in when you're laundering them. If you keep comfort and quality in mind, any color that you choose will give you a satisfying night's sleep. Bed Linens Etc. has something for everyone, with an extensive line of Queen XL sheets, bed skirts and mattress pads to explore.


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