When you're choosing queen sofa bed sheets, it's important to have your guests in mind. While it may be tempting to grab any old sheets for this bed, you want to spend a little time and consideration choosing the right ones. Many people simply use their own standard sheets for the sofa bed. This can be problematic because sofa beds don't have the same measurements as standard full or queen beds. A full sofa bed is about three inches shorter than a full size mattress. A queen sofa bed is a full six inches shorter than a queen bed.

If you use regular queen sheets instead of queen sofa bed sheets, you're going to have six inches of extra fabric. While you can try to wrap this around the bottom of the bed, chances are that the corners will slip off in the night while your guests are sleeping. A restless sleeper who moves around a lot could end up tangled up in the sheets the next morning because the poor fit just won't keep the bedding in place. If you want to save a little money, you can reuse any flat sheets. However, the fitted sheets should always be made for a sofa bed.


Finding queen sofa bed sheets isn't always easy. Your standard big box store probably won't have this kind of product. However, shopping at a specialty retailer like BedLinensEtc.com will open a whole new world of bedding options to you. This store offers sheets in every imaginable size, including those elusive sleeper sofa sizes. Get at least two sheet sets for your sleeper sofa. If there's a spill or accident, your guests shouldn't have to wait for the laundry to run. Always have two sheet sets on hand for a quick and easy change.

If you purchase  , you'll get a flat sheet, fitted sheet, and pillowcases in the set. If you choose to purchase separately, opt for a color that's easy to match, like white. This way you can use the flat sheets that you already have while still matching the fitted sheets for your sleeper sofa. Finish up your guest bed with a blanket and comforter. Offer plenty of layers so your guests can choose to use as many or as few of these options as they want. With plenty of choices, your visitors are sure to find a combination that they'll enjoy. Also make sure you have a queen sofa bed mattress pad for extra comfort.


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