For most individuals living around the world, their home is their castle. Depending on the person, they may spend a great deal of time in any number of rooms of the house—thought they are likely to frequent the bedroom on a regular basis. Those who want to have optimal results when it comes to decorating their bedroom may consider the use of tailored or ruffled bed skirts. Before one can understand the difference between these two products, he or she must have a good idea of the bed skirt itself. 

Traditionally, a bedskirt is defined as decorative piece of fabric that is held between the mattress and the box spring of the bed. In most cases, the bed skirt hangs down to the floor, providing a decorative touch to any bedroom. While bed skirts can look great in a variety of styles, they are most commonly associated with use on queen or king beds. Bed skirts are commonly used by individuals who wish to store goods under their bed, and don’t want the products to be visible to others. They are available in a variety of styles and colors, and can definitely add to the look of a room. 

So what, exactly, is a tailored bed skirt? As one might guess, a tailored bed skirt is a specific style of bed skirt that lays flat against the frame of the bed, and does not feature any decorative ruffles or designs. Tailored bed skirts are often used by men and women who wish to present a sleek, modern image, and those who are classic or traditionalistic. Finding tailored bed skirts is a relatively easy process, as they can be found through most retailers. Consider Bed Linens Etc the next time you are looking for tailored bed skirts!

Though they have a similar name, ruffled bed skirts have an appearance that is much different to their tailored counterparts. Traditionally, ruffled bed skirts:

  • Featured ruffled edges or borders
  • Are considered to be more “decorative”
  • May be preferred by women, young girls, or those who have a flare for the dramatic. 

It is important that both tailored and ruffled bed skirts can look appropriate in a number of unique settings. Make sure to measure to get the correct drop for your bed skirt. Also carefully consider which style of bed skirt is right for your before making a final purchase. Bed Linens Etc can provide assistance when it comes to finding the perfect bed skirt, including those designed for use with sheets that have deep pocket and extra deep pocket features. 


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