Too many people make the mistake of assuming that their standard sheets will work just as well for a full sofa bed.  But a sofa bed is different, and the thickness of the mattress alone is enough to make the sheets slip off the corners, bunch up, fall off, and more.  More than one guest has woken up on a sofa bed to find themselves wrapped up like a giant burrito in a sheet that has fallen off the mattress overnight. Buying a full sofa bed sheet set is the best way to avoid this embarrassing and frustrating issue.
A full sofa bed sheet set should come in a 4 inch to 6 inch pocket design so that it gets the right fit.  But the real secret is the depth.  At 54x72 inches in size and only 6 inches thick, your bed sheet will actually fit your sofa bed the right way.  Standard sheets are designed for mattresses that are often one to two feet in thickness, which is why when you try them on a sofa bed you encounter the slipping and the poor fit that causes so much trouble.  It may seem like a small matter, but it's actually a major issue and one worth confronting.
Obviously the size and the fit are the important factors here, but the truth is that style matters as well.  Colors for a full sofa bed sheet run the full spectrum just like a standard sheet set would.  This lets you pick out the right color and style for your room and style.  And all of the sheet sets available are designed to by hypoallergenic and to provide a great rest even if someone has allergies or other breathing or skin related issues.  In other words, you get everything you would from a regular sheet, designed for a sofa bed.
The material used in a full sofa bed sheet set can be chosen as well.  For those in cold areas a flannel sheet will help the nights stay warmer.  Those in hot areas will want to consider a bamboo sheet set.  And of course, the old standby is cotton.  There are plenty of cotton sofa bed sheets available and you can select the thread count you want, ranging from three hundred up to one thousand thread count.  The higher the thread count, the silkier and smoother the sheet.  There's no reason to ignore the need for a sofa bed sheet.  You've got options.  Make sure to also get a full sofa bed mattress pad.
Sleep Well,