Twin sofa beds aren't as common as full or queen size sofa beds, so many people aren't equipped to set up this kind of bed. A twin sofa bed often folds out of a loveseat or oversized chair. A standard twin size bed measures 39" x 75" but your twin sofa bed may have slightly different measurements. Twin sofa bed sheets measure 36" x 72" are a better fit. If the bed is slightly longer than the average twin, twin XL sheets measure 39" x 80". The first step to properly outfitting your sofa bed is measuring it so you can get the proper twin sofa bed sheets.

If your bed doesn't match any of the measurements provided above, you may need to look for custom sheets. Bed Linens Etc., is an online bedding store that will custom make any sheets to meet your specific measurements. With this retailer, you can get the twin sofa bed sheets that you need without the hassle of stretching or altering existing sheets. It's important that the fitted sheet match the measurements of the mattress. A fitted sheet that's too small won't fit on the bed, while one that's too large won't stay in place.

Once you've made the base of the bed as comfortable as possible, you can begin adding bedding. If your twin sofa bed sheets came in a set, the top sheet is the first thing you'll lay down over the fitted sheet. If you purchased a custom fitted sheet alone, and standard twin flat sheet should work. Add a blanket or comforter on top of this. An extra throw at the end of the bed will allow your guests to choose between a lighter throw and a heavier comforter. In a cold basement, your visitors may use both. has everything you need to make a comfortable sofa bed. Also make sure to get a twin sofa bed mattress pad to compliment your sofa bed sheets.


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