Full extra long sheets are specially designed for beds that have different dimensions than normal. A standard full bed measures 54" across and 75" long. An extra long, or "XL" full bed measures 80" long, which is the standard length for a queen or king size mattress. If you want still more length, a full XX-long is 84" long, or the same length as a California King. If you want a little extra room to stretch out at night, but you have a small space to work with, beds that offer added length are a great solution. Those extra five to nine inches can make a big difference.

If you choose to get an extra long mattress, you'll need to invest in specialty sheets so that you have the right fit. Full extra long sheets aren't always easy to find. Some individuals may have tried wrapping king, queen, or California king sheets around the sides of the bed to get the right fit. Using a flat as a fitted sheet is another popular trick. Hotels use this tactic so their flat and fitted sheets are interchangeable. This also makes them easier to fold and store en masse. For your home environment, however, you need sheets that truly fit and shouldn't settle for anything less.
Bed Linens Etc., carries lots of different options when it comes to sheets. You're sure to find something for every bed here. There are several choices for full extra long sheets. You can even opt for deep or extra deep pocket sheets. These options will accommodate a mattress that's extra thick. This applies to many luxury mattresses as well as any standard mattress that has a special mattress topper added for comfort. Whatever the dimensions of your bed, you can find sheets here to fit it. If there's nothing in stock, you can even have sheets custom made from Bed Linens Etc.
It's so important to have full extra long sheets that fit your bed properly. If your sheets are too big, you're going to wake up with them bunched up around the corners. Sheets that are too small will pop off the corners of the bed, so you might wake up sleeping directly on the mattress or mattress pad while the sheets are balled up in a corner of the bed. You don't need to resort to safety pins, sheet clips, or other gimmicks to keep your sheet in place when you get the right size product to begin with from a specialty retailer like Bed Linens Etc.

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