Adjustable beds are any beds with the ability to move and bend. Some adjustable beds simply elevate at the head, while others have elevation options for the feet as well. In sizes beyond a twin, adjustable beds often feature a split design. Split beds have two separate mattresses that are connected at the base so that they sit side by side even though they are individually adjustable. Adjustable bed sheets need to be flexible enough to meet the needs of these unique therapeutic beds.
If your bed is a single unit without a split design, you should choose adjustable bed sheets that fit the entire bed. These sheets may be a little larger than traditional sheets so you have room to move the bed up and down. It can also be very beneficial to get adjustable sheets with deep or extra deep pockets. These make it easier to keep the mattress in place even when it's being adjusted. If the pockets of your sheets are too shallow, they may pop off the corners while you're sleeping, causing many annoying problems as you get tangled in the sheets.
If your mattress has a split design, you should order adjustable bed sheets that are made specifically for split mattresses. You do not order these sheets separately. Rather, you order a single set for the whole bed. This set will come with two fitted sheets that are suited to the unique dimensions of a split bed. The top sheet is still a single unit that will cover both sides of the bed. When you're shopping for split bed sheets, measure the bed as a whole to decide what size sheets you need. If both sides together are the size of a king bed, then you'll need Split King sheets, even though the individual mattresses are close to the size of a twin xl sheets.
Finding adjustable bed sheets can be difficult in standard home goods stores. Online retailers typically have a wider selection. If you're looking for custom bed sheets to fit your mattress, Bed Linens Etc., is the place to shop. Not only will you find sheets for nearly any mattress size, you'll also have the option to order custom made sheets if you can't find exactly what you're looking for. Choices include 100% cotton and flannel as well as several different thread counts. With a wide range of colors, there's sure to be something in this store for anyone. Keep your bedroom looking and feeling as comfortable as possible with the right bedding.

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